Steve Jobs Inspiration (Apple Commercial & Commencement Speech)

This Steve Jobs' video brought me to tears after I got let go by XXXXX (check out my #metoo story), because it hit me right at my core for a lot of reasons. It was the inspiration for me that seeing things differently was actually viewed positively by some - a lesson that proves,

Perspective Matters

I have probably seen the commercial 100,000 times since 2009 and that's not an exaggeration y'all. I wanted to help change the world and I'm still working on that today...

The other video is one that I often watch when I need some encouragement, faith, and hope.  It's just good for the mind, the heart, and the soul - and funny enough, it can strike you differently at different times of your life, yet still resonate so deeply. I hope it brings something to you; it sure did and does for me today.


Jessie Fream