#BelieveInMore (Nike Video)

What will they say about you?

That you shouldn’t be out here?

That it’s unladylike?

That you’re not built for this?

Or maybe…

They’ll say you’re strong.

That you can’t be stopped.

That you’ll always find a way.

That you make it look easy.

That you make it look good.

Or maybe…

They’ll say you’re…

The next…




Quoting Marianna Kantli:

“What will they say about you?” is a question many young Arab females are challenged with when they endeavor to try something unexpected or to push boundaries beyond social norms. These women hope that, instead of judging or disapproving of them —— the world will say they’re pioneers, role models and strong voices for their region. The film, directed by Fleur Fortuné, features both professional and everyday athletes from the Arab region, including Parkour trainer Amal Mourad; figure skater Zahra Lari; pop singer Balquees Fathi; fencer Inès Boubakri and boxer Arifa Bseiso. The campaign also worked as a precursor for the launch of the Nike Pro Hijab. For Muslim and Arab women the Nike Pro Hijab is more than just a product made available to them, it gives them a feeling of respect, recognition and inclusivity.”

Jessie Fream