Just Do It (Nike Serena Williams Video)

I wrote the words of the video from Serena Williams’ dad and then put an —> to let you know what my dad is saying in chasing my dream, today.

Some of it overlaps.

Guess that means that the coaching always goes on - on the court or in the game of life.

Thank God for dads.


This is you at the US Open —> This is you chasing your life’s purpose.

This is you.

Good service motion. —> Good talking points.

Very good.

Keep that perfect service motion you have —> Keep that head up.

Right there, good.

Switch to the backhand —> Switch to the bigger picture.

Lean into it.

Hoo - hahaha.

Good follow through. —> Good recap.

Take the net. —> Take the lead.

Nice try.

Make sure you’re controlling that ball on every shot —> Make sure you don’t let them see you sweat.

There you go - very good.

Back, back, back —> Forward, forward, forward

Put it away! —> Put it in front of the decision makers.

Be tough, just like you want to win this. —> Be tough, just like you’ve had to be.

Just like you at the US Open. —> Just like your dream is on the line.

Right there. This is you.

Very good Serena Williams. —> Very good Jessie Fream.

Best Coach I’ve Ever Had…

Thanks Dad.

Jessie Fream