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All three of my rough drafts are based on perspective, peculiar characters, and the fact that what you see is hardly ever the truth. Bugs, animals, and people "acting human" are among the culprits and living life and being honorable in your ways and allowing time to play out are some of the solutions. I really hope these come to fruition! Let me know if you know any good children's book illustrators :)


Perspective game

I've interviewed a lot of people here in Atlanta, along the west coast, and even national nonprofit heroes and I have noticed that there are some common themes that resonate within all of our hearts. What's even more interesting is -- who is saying it! It might actually shock you sometimes! This isn't as much of a game, as it is a learning tool - a fun little way to remind ourselves to keep our minds and hearts open and what we think at first glance might be way off. I might need some techie help here!


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humanizing Atlanta

Don't get me wrong, the BeltLin* is where my heart will always be - but, I mighttttttt just venture off into other neighborhoods. The main question I'll be asking is:

"When have you laid your heart on the line for something bigger than yourself?"

Which is one of my favorite questions to ask people when I interview them!  I can't wait for this to get going!