I was inspired by Brandon Stanton to create some good here in Atlanta, so I started a blog called HUMANS OF THE ATLANTA BELTLINin September of 2015.

Unfortunately, I can’t add that last letter, if you don’t know why, just read this

And…well, things kindaaaaa blew up.

Apparently over 42,000 people started talking about my little hobby and then Atlanta came to me asking what I was going to do...






So, I did what I do best...


I hid in my Candler Park home and hugged my cat for dear life.


And then more stories started surfacing and I just sat back and read. And thought. And talked to a whole bunch of people. And it turns out, this is a big issue. It was and still is costing all parties involved a ton of money and time - check out exactly how much here when it was talked about in October.

And then surprisingly, some super smart lawyers (from NYC!) reached out to me and offered free advice. They told me that I have to change the name unless I want to fight…

But here’s the thing, I don’t like fighting – BUT – I always try to do the right thing…

So, I came to the conclusion that our “Glorified Sidewalk” had to be renamed because if I don’t, I could face legal trouble and also I found it necessary to do so because a lot of people want and need to call it something and are stuck...

... just like me …

So, after months of thinking about what to rename it and asking about 9 million people what I should call it – I had a facebook memory pop up from 2 or 3 years ago where I had described the BeltLin* as one big ol' heart around Atlanta.

I called it this next to a photo of a gorgeous couple on their bikes - they were so in love and the woman told me...

Humans of the Atlanta BeltLine




“He said we had to stop in at Trader Joe’s

so he could fill up my basket

with flowers.”








That heartwarming story, combined with the fact that this “path” is a source of pure joy to my heart, made it really sink in on what I wanted to name it…

…and when I refer to it as a source of joy for me, it truly is…I had started a bike group a few years ago out on this thing in an effort to recreate my childhood joy - and I love how it delights all of the hearts we encounter…

…not to mention, I am super appreciative to all the people who I have interviewed who have literally opened up their hearts to me and shared a glimpse of their life through such sincere and authentic interactions…

So, that’s when it hit  why not call it the HeartLine?

Therefore, it is after many hours of lost sleep, long talks with strangers and friends, a good dose of legal scary crap, and crazy cat lady hugs…that I’ve decided to change the name to the Atlanta HeartLine.

Our Atlanta HeartLine.

So, technically the Humans of the Atlanta HeartLine is now born.

So I just guess that, at a time when our society is becoming increasingly divided – I hope in my small way, I can reconnect our hearts here in Atlanta through love and hopefully show what a united community we are becoming via...

- our -

Atlanta HeartLine





heart on the line