About jessie

I interviewed for a job over a decade ago and they asked me if I could be a blogger and I said, 


Quickly after the interview, I went straight to Google to see what the word "blogger" meant.

And that was the beginning of my blogging days.

Jessie Fream

Since then, I've blogged for work another time for an amazing company called Rx4Good, where I had the honor of interviewing some wonderful nonprofits.

In addition to blogging, I also have worked as a full-time sales rep.

One time after a presentation, I got to talk with this ridiculously successful CEO and I asked him what his secret to his success was -

he started laughing and said,

"Jess, you are not defined by your job - you are defined by how you spend your free time."

And that quote created a perspective shift in my life.

I had never looked at life through that lens.

And it made me look deeper into myself - what exactly was I doing in my free time?

And when I was truthful with myself, my answers weren't all that great.

So I needed to pick a new hobby.

I wanted to do something that brings both myself and others joy, gives me a creative outlet, and something that would bring people together...

And then I thought about how I stalk Humans of New York and how it'd be neat to start that here in Atlanta...

So, voila - that was the birth of Humans of the Atlanta BeltLine!

Which believe it or not created a litttttttttle bit of controversy…and then 42,000 people started talking about my little blog (here’s the story).

So, I had to change the name to Humans of the Atlanta HeartLine.

And today…

I’m fighting an even bigger battle.

See, I’m trying to get my real-life dream to come true.

A dream that was planted in my heart about 10 years ago and was taken from me because of a #metoo thing.

I call my story, Perspective, and I'd be honored if you’d read it.

Every time you read it or share it, you are raising my voice.

Before it was just buried inside me…

But as of 7.7.19 after starting to share it on

May 5th, 2018

people from 78 countries are reading it.

My story is dedicated to all the brave ones who have put their heart on the line for something bigger than themselves.

Heart On The Line

Thank you ALL so very, very much-