Bert Prettyman

Jessie's late Grandpa

11.23.1926 - 5.20.2009


Those pics of the coast and beaches are beautiful. You are a great photographer. Great composition. Keep your creative juices flowing, your hard work and perseverance. Got to go.




Ryan Gravel

Creator of the Atlanta BeltLin*, Founder of Sixpitch, and Author of Where We Want To Live.

Ryan Gravel

"The connections that Jessie makes with people along the Beltline are exactly what it's all about - they're the outcomes of a social and cultural infrastructure that make Atlanta a better place to live."

Ann Moravick

President at Rx4good

Ann Moravick

"I had the opportunity to work with Jessie on MatchUp4good, an Rx4good initiative with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Jessie wrote a number of blogs about various nonprofits that had registered for the program. She is a creative and clever writer, passionate about nonprofit causes, particularly youth-related causes that foster health and fitness. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is a "get it done" professional with a stellar spirit and enthusiasm."

Brandon Stanton

Creator of the Blog and #1 NYT bestselling book, Humans of New York.

Regarding the "Humans of" part of HOAH or HOAB - "It's no problem! I'm fully supportive of anyone who wants to use the name."

Regarding the name change - "The HeartLine sounds like a good name to me - good luck!" 

Mom & Dad

mom and dad.jpg

"So follow that heart line – 

You’ve accomplished your dream

…and remember…  

We’re proud of our Jessie Lynn Fream"