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"It was amazing. I could be myself. I didn’t have to wear wigs and weaves and stuff around him. I could just be me. I was so into the hair and lashes before. I never thought I'd be one of those au naturale girls. And now I am. You probably wouldn't even recognize me from before. It was really spiritual. ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ kinda stuff."

"More than anything else, what attracted me to her was the fact that she's brilliant. Most people just don't understand the universe. I say that broadly. There's a lot of intuition that people ignore. It was just an easy conversation with her. In a galaxy of a billion planets, how is there not more out there? How egotistical are we to think we’re alone? We can go into a deep conversation about it."

"So basically we're weirdos. And this is our first baby. We got pregnant so fast. The conception was instant."