Life Hack: Try Thomas Newman (Music+Video)

Life Hack


I'm about to share one of the best life hacks that I came up with...

It helps me do chores I don't want to (grocery shopping). It allows me to cherish a moment to myself (driving or walking on the BeltLine), or get through something I'm having a tough time dealing with...

Go to Pandora and select the Thomas Newman station.

It's basically all the beautiful music you hear in the most profound movies during the most amazing scenes. Listen to this station and you will automatically feel inspired or like your life has become a movie - and it allows you to think on your own without the interruption of voices 🎥 😊

I was listening to Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi while watching the fall leaves take their final flight and land in the river and watched them spin and twirl in the water floating downstream.

Promise me you'll watch the video below...3:52 is especially touching to me. Just when you think it's over...there's a new breath of lightness that enters. And, it becomes even more beautiful...maybe that's like life?

Don't give up, keep trying...and who knows...

Maybe, just maybe...

it'll turn out more beautiful than you could've ever imagined.

Try it.

Let me know what you think. 


Jessie Fream