That Moment When...Your Heart Bursts Into Joy (Fundraiser)

One of my friends is raising money. For the Special Olympics. We worked together on a speech he had to do this past fall and I interviewed him on his Grandma's deck over sandwiches she made us, some chips, and sweet tea before his practice.

A practice that - his friends were calling an hour before begging him to come early to joke around...

He later gave that speech we came up with in front of about 30 folks - on a microphone, to raise money. I was so freaking proud of him.

Now, he's doing something very cool too - this time, he's rappelling down a 22-story building.

If you'd like to donate, go here...

James will be retiring after 20 years from Kroger soon. His only complaints in life is that he'd like to work more hours and that he'd like to work in the produce department instead of stocking shelves.

He goes to church 1-4x a week.

He plays more sports than any other friend I have.

He never judges me.

He is loved by thousands.

At dinner one night, he asked me why he "can't date a normal girl like me" - and I reassured him there's no such thing as a normal girl.

He is the embodiment of the words - inspiration and love.

...and it is truly an honor being his friend all these years...

I call him "my favorite" because he just is -

Please support him if you can. He used a part of that fall speech for the fundraiser this time around and I had no idea until I clicked on the link to donate.

Brought me tears of joy.



Jessie Fream