Who do you think you are (Sermon)

I'm kinda obsessed with Steven Furtick lately - this sermon was especially touching! 33 mins into it really nails the importance of perspective...

33:55 - "And when you have a view of yourself that has been shaped - year after year, even generation after generation - by stereotypes, or by generalizations, or by failures...It comes to a point where you really start to believe that nothing good can come from you. And some of you are right there today, trapped in Nazareth - cause you got some things in your past and some of 'em aren't even your fault. But just because it wasn't your fault, doesn't mean it's not your prison..."

...41:53 - "Maybe Nazareth isn't a place - maybe it's a perspective? That's where we get trapped. Not where we are, but what we think about where we are."

(and then at 45:37 in, he talks about looking at life differently for me aka a personal perspective shift for me):

"Some of our greatest blessings can only come on the other side of rejection."