est. 7.1.18


I'm trying to build a group with those who believe dreams can come true

by encouraging a former employer to give me

--- a fair shot at what I believe is my life's purpose ---

at a time when we would all like to see

a dose of humanity


#LiftOurHope is what this former employer could do for all of us if they were to finally give me a fair shot.

It would show our world that there is light to be felt when it feels like it's been dimmed.

It would create unity and community around the world in the spirit of doing good.


It would lift our hope in each other again.


If you'd like to read my #metoo story that inspired this, I'd truly be honored. I am hoping to one day add a Chapter 10.

I've also started a facebook group and have put it on instagram.

Currently, there are readers from 36 countries waiting to see what happens next.

- And the truth is -

I don't even know 

and I'm scared

- but -

I feel like this is worth being scared for.


Thank you all - from the bottom of my heart


Jessie Fream