My Weekly #LiftOurHope Support Thank You

#LiftOurHope was launched 7.1.18 because change still hasn't happened after sharing my #metoo story.

I'm hoping by launching a movement with others who want to see my dream come true will help my former employer do the right thing and give me a fair shot after all these years.

Thank you to all my readers from day 1 when I was scared to write (most just family and close friends) and thank you to the others who have read my story on here.

And now, I've grown even a little more courage and shifted this over to a movement: facebook / instagram.

I'm going to be updating this with the amount of readers/followers.

And please don't forget,

Every time you read or share my story…

- You are helping potentially millions of lives -

- You are saying this matters -

- You are giving me a voice -



Lifting Our Hope

7.8.18 - 39 countries. 14.6k page views.

7.23.18 - 43 countries. 15.7k page views.

7.29.18 - 44 countries. 16.5k page views.

8.6.18 - 45 countries. 16.8k page views.

8.13.18 - 46 countries. 17.2k page views.

8.20.18 - 47 countries. 17.6k page views.

8.26.18 - 49 countries. 17.9k page views.

9.4.18 - 49 countries. 18.7k page views.

9.9.18 - 52 countries. 19.5k page views.

9.17.18 - 55 countries. 21.2k page views.

9.25.18 - 58 countries. 22.4k page views.

10.1.18 - 59 countries. 23.3k page views. (Rwanda joined)

10.9.18 - 60 countries. 23.7k page views (Venezuela joined)

11.21.18 - 62 countries. 25.2k page views (Czechia and Colombia joined)

12.16.18 - 64 countries. 25.8k page views (Papua New Guinea and Belize joined)

3.2.19 - 65 countries. 27.2k page views. (Serbia joined)

4.19.19 - 66 countries. 28.3k page views. (Mauritius joined - I didn’t even know this was a country! How cool - thank you reader!)

5.17.19 - 69 countries. 28.8k page views. (Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar (Burma) joined)

5.25.19 - 72 countries. 29.1k page views. (Saudia Arabia, Ukraine, and Poland joined)

5.30.19 - 73 countries. 29.3k page views. (Jamaica joined)

6.2.19 - 74 countries. 29.3k page views. (Iran joined)

6.15.19 - 77 countries. 29.6 page views. (Switzerland, Bahrain, Finland joined)

7.7.19 - 78 countries. 30.3 page views. (Bangladesh joined)


- 78 countries -

United States. United Kingdom. Canada. Costa Rica. France. Australia. Hong Kong. Spain. Italy. India. United Arab Emirates. Peru. Brazil. Slovak Republic. Sweden. Ireland. Netherlands. New Zealand. Germany. Trinidad and Tobago. Mexico. Bahamas. Philippines. South Africa. Greece. Turkey. Cyprus. Honduras. French Polynesia. Tanzania. Anguilla. Portugal. Chile. Norway. Dominican Republic. Pakistan. Argentina. Belgium. Guyana. Saudi Arabia. Indonesia. Kuwait. Kyrgyzstan. Ecuador. Nigeria. Thailand. Romania. Zambia. Lebanon. Morocco. Russia. Singapore. Japan. Denmark. Egypt. China. Malaysia. Rwanda. Venezuela. Czechia. Colombia. Papua New Guinea. Belize. Serbia. Mauritius. Tajikistan. Sri Lanka. Myanmar (Burma). Saudia Arabia. Ukraine. Poland. Jamaica. Iran. Switzerland. Bahrain. Finland. Bangladesh. Unknown.

- Thank you WORLD -



If you're looking for my full #metoo story, you can find it here.


Jessie Fream