Perspective Changes In Time (Exercise)

Someone told me to keep track of a gratitude list, so I tried it - for a day. :) It was actually the day after I bought my first place.

About a year ago, I unexpectedly came across my list and it brought me to tears.

I realized I had lost touch of what I had formerly been incredibly thankful for.

My List Included:

  • Being able to open my blinds every morning because I'm no longer scared of opening them up on the first floor
  • Seeing my cat run down my hallway because I finally have one and she has room to run
  • Adding to my savings account for the first time
  • Not having a washer and dryer - because it makes me to go to my sister's every Monday and be with her and play with my nephews to do my laundry
  • Finally being able to hang things up on the wall and paint my walls because I am no longer renting - it finally feels like a home after all these years

So here's an exercise, and it might be easy to remember to revisit down the road since today is Thanksgiving.

Take a moment to write down what you're thankful for today. Store it somewhere and come back to it next Thanksgiving. You might realize that a few years from now, what you're thankful for today will change down the road - and it's really a cool thing to see.

If you're with your family or friends, it might be interesting to go around the table and say what you're thankful for - if that's too awkward - it might be interesting to have everyone write down what they're thankful for and then later tonight someone gathers the list and emails it out. Also, just to add a further dose of perspective - leave off the names of who said what and you have to guess ---- that's actually where it gets really interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! 



Jessie Fream