Perspective Game (Everyone Can Play)

I've been playing this game my whole life and never thought it meant anything great until the other night when it hit me...

It's kindaaaaa the ultimate perspective game - and it's basically free...

All you need is a paper and pen.

Draw anything to start - anything. It can be a dot, it can be a line, a name it - just make it simple.

Then, add onto it. You'll be surprised with what you come up with. And you'll actually feel your perspective shift.

It's even better when you start adding another person to it. One of you starts it, the other completes it - I guarantee you'll think, "Wow - I never thought it'd look like that!"

I played this the other night during Thanksgiving with my 87-year-old Grandma and my 8-year-old nephew. We started off with a line - then my nephew made it into a tree, then my Grandma added a hammock to it - then it became goggles.

Yes, goggles. Try it.

You'll begin to really appreciate and see in a very short time - how creative another perspective can be, or even your own by looking at something differently.

And if you're playing this by yourself and it's becoming too easy to "see" a solution right away - push yourself harder. Turn the page upside down. Grab a different colored pen. Get up and go for a walk. Call a friend and talk to them for a little bit. Go grab lunch at a restaurant...and then come back to it.

I find that time, the turn of a page, adding in a new variable, speaking to someone else, a new environment -

all play a part in forming a new perspective.

Jessie Fream